About US

Gopos.Com is a division of Ecom Secure Inc & Member of Gandhi Group of Co's.

The Gandhi family has been in business for 105 years from India to North America.

GOPOS is Web based on Point of Sale and E-Commerence Software for any business for the world of retail, wholesale, distributions, service industry, shipping to manufacturing and any other field that you can think of.


Before Gopos has been refined during the past few years to adapt this same product to suit the general market.  Its original purpose was to develop a specific software program to run our businesses and its divisions more effectively. 

At Gandhi Group of Companies, our daily businesses range from research & development; Petrolum Automation manufacturing of window treatments, software development, wholesale, retail, web hosting, E-Commerence, pay at pump service for fuel industry, car washes, automation designs for different industries, credit ,Fleet and Debit card processing for all sectors of businesses.

Over the years we have used & discarded lots of point of sale software programs and were never satisfied with them, thus we were forced to develop our own systems.GOPOS which has evolved over the years for us to run any kind of business smoothly and efficiently.

GOPOS is a simple but power full and rich in features program that allows you  to run one store or many thousands or multi stores with multi terminals in any country in the world.   Enables your head office to look at any store in real time. It also eliminates credit card machines as this function is built in for processing Charge,Credit ,Debit,Fleet,EFT,Auto Debit and Private Cards. GOPOS is a web-based pos system is used in all of our companies,divisions & our partners in business at the moment and is proven to be the best solution for your business need.  It not only meets all our demands but exceeds our staff’s expectations every day, because it is web based it will run on any platform dial up, ADSL, Private Lines or in house web servers. Since Gandhi Group of companies are involved in multi-business network, we have put every facet of business into GOPOS and it has truly passed the test of time. 

It is so simple and fast, once you logged on, you are ready to go!


Now we are ready for your business.Please Click Here [email protected] to get going and Thanks